Just Cause 3 4K trailer uses all 8.3 million pixels for explosions

Even if you don't have the means of watching this Just Cause 3 trailer in full 4K resolution (I'm waiting to upgrade to 5L in a few years), it's still a nice 90 second treat for your eyeballs. The video shows Rico Rodriguez sailing over the mountains of Medici in a wingsuit, blowing up a massive excavator because it looked at him funny, and drag racing a train in a Formula 1 car. He takes his job very seriously.

If you don't mind watching something in boring old 1080p, you can also watch Rico keeping on-task in Just Cause 3's missions. By on-task I mean causing explosions in a specific area, rather than wherever he happens to be pointed at the time. You can embrace your inner Michael Bay special effects supervisor when Just Cause 3 is released on December 1

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