Join the Bungie team on Bungie Day!

You may have heard thatit'sBungie Day, and today the famed developer is full of surprises. Not only did it releasea special Red vs. Blue video with Rooster Teeth, it's giving fans - for today only - special armor in Halo 3!

If you've seen a Bungie employee strafe along the maps of Halo 3, then you already know what the armor looks like - flaming helmets! Normally exclusive to only Bungie employees, you can now find a shiny new chest piece that will ignite flames on your helmet during multiplayer gameplay, as well as a Bungie emblem by your name in the pre-game lobby.

Please use caution when teabagging today. Balls to a flaming helmet may be more painful for the teabagger rather than the teabagee.

Jul 7, 2010