Jango Fett Joins Green Lantern

Kiwi actors Taika Waititi and Kiwi actor Temuera (Jango Fett in Star Wars ) Morrison cast in DC superhero movie

Two New Zealand actors, Taika Waititi and Kiwi actor Temuera Morrison (who played Jango Fett and a few thousand other clone stormtroopers in the Star Wars prequels) have landed roles in the big screen version of The Green Lantern .

Waititi is playing the best friend of Hal Jordan (played by Ryan Reynolds), the test pilot who comes into possession of a ring of power that turns him into The Green Lantern, Morrison will play Abin Sur, a member of the Green Lantern Corps, a kind of intergalactic police force, who is instrumental in Jordan becoming the superhero.

The film, which is being directed by Martin ( Casino Royale ) Campbell and will be produced in 3D, starts filming in New Orleans this month.