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Is Now TV down? Reports indicate the streaming service is currently unavailable

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Is Now TV down? NOW TV users are reporting that the streaming service isn't working and inaccessible across seemingly all devices which are able to run the NOW TV app, including smart TVs, mobiles, and gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 4. 

The outage reports have apparently been coming in from early this afternoon, and the NOW TV Help account (opens in new tab) on Twitter has confirmed that "it's aware of these issues, and it is being investigated." 

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best streaming service

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Trying to run the NOW TV app on our own PS4, we received the error message “Sorry, there appears to be a problem connecting. Please try again later", while our smart TV app instead gave us the following; “Well, that didn’t go to plan… NOW TV isn’t loading. Please try again in a bit.” (opens in new tab) reports that there have been over 500 reports of the issue so far, suggesting that this downtime is endemic across the UK, and not just exclusive to those within certain regions. Hopefully NOW TV are able to sort the problems soon enough, as times like these are not ideal for losing access to your streaming library. 

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