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iPhone game of the day: Super Monkey Ball 2

Game: Super Monkey Ball 2
Price: £3.49/$5.99
Size: 74.8MB
Buy it now from the iTunes Store

Rolling monkeys like marbles around brightly coloured environments might as well have been designed for iPhone's tilt sensor. This sequel fixes one of the original's main problems by giving you a visual diagram of how far you're tilting the phone in the bottom left corner. The result is a much more playable monkey-rolling experience.

Its arcade-style visuals are charming,move smoothlyand feature slick special effects. The minigames return too, including the ever-popular Monkey Bowling and Monkey Target. Don't think the cutesy style means it'll be easy, mind. There are plenty of worlds to keep you busy, andthe difficulty level soon gets very tough. But you do want AiAi to get his bananas, right?

Above: Monkey Bowling - fully 3D and with tilt-controlled spin

Above: Fall out! Poor AiAi justover-ran that one. No bananas for him today

21 May, 2010