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Into the Breach kicks off 12 days of free games on the Epic store

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The Epic Games store has a bunch of free goodies for you over the holidays, and it's starting with one of the best tactics games of recent memory. You can head to the store right now and claim your free copy of Into the Breach, the turn-based tactical mech combat game from the creators of FTL, then make sure you head back for 11 more free games each day through January 1.

Unlike the usual selection of free games on EGS, each of these picks will only be available for 24 hours before being replaced by the next game. There's no telling what Epic will offer up next, but you should definitely give Into the Breach a try. Here's how I summarized/breathlessly praised it back in our list of the best games of 2018.

"Tactics and strategy games often take a 'more is better' approach, with huge battles, tons of combatants, and stats stats stats everywhere. Into the Breach does the opposite. Each battle unfolds on an 8x8 sized grid, lasts five turns, and - with only occasional exception - gives you control of no more than three basic units. Oh, and you can always see what your enemies will do on their next turn. But as the insectoid Vek emerge, the variables compound. You may spend minutes plotting out the perfect move, blasting your enemies around so their pincers and acid spit will ensconce each other rather than civilian-packed high rises… only to realize you've accidentally left one of your pilots to (permanently) die in a forest fire you started two turns ago. No problem. You also happen to be a dimension hopper, so you can effectively reset the world once per battle. Just make sure you get it right next time"

While you're browsing the store, make sure you log in and pick up your $10 off coupon for the holiday sale. It will last until May, but if you use it during the sale (they only work on purchases of $14.99 or greater) Epic will give you another - and another and another - until the sale ends.

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