Infinite Undiscovery shots of awesome

Anyone who thinks all JRPGs are a slow slog through turn-based menus clearly hasn't been keeping up with Infinite Undiscovery. Okay, sure, the name doesn't make any sense and the heroes all have a bit of that typical JRPG emo look - but judging fromthese screensthat our buddies at CVG plucked from the game'sofficial site, there's no lack of action in this RPG.

Infinite Undiscovery is coming to US shelves September2 and the UK can expect to see it three days later. It might not unseat Final Fantasy XIII as the premier RPG of next-gen systems (Eternal Sonata, Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon all failed at that), but it looks damn pretty and therefore well worth a go.

Jun 20, 2008