If games kept their original names

As the proud conqueror of damn near every avenue of entertainment on God’s green earth, Steven Spielberg truly is the Prince of All Media. Having worked with the man previously on the original Medal of Honor, EA announced a new collaborative deal with Spielberg during E3 in 2007, that included an action-physics block puzzler for the Wii called “PQRS.” Need proof? We still haven’t deleted the game record! (laziness, lol)

Above: Glad to see this awkward photo op wasn’t all for naught

The origins of the codename are anybody’s guess, but at least the Amistad director eventually made good on EA’s investment with the innovative, quality product we know today as Boom Blox (non-Party edition.) Although that still doesn’t explain why the other game announced that day has yet to be seen. Not a whisper has been heard of “LMNO,” a sci-fi action adventure game, which Newsweek described as “North by Northwest meets E.T.” Oh well… we’re ready when you are, Senor Spielbergo.