I have a penis too

Looking for Level 20 Lesbians

Look, just because we were dancing in our underwear for two hours straight doesn't mean we're perverts... or lesbians (not that we have anything against lesbians) for that matter. It was work.

We were conducting uber important research on how to start anaked dance orgy when we were accosted by a fellow Guild Wars player. We tried ignoring him, we considered answering truthfully, but in the end, we thought it'd be better to give him what he wanted.

Lezluver: r u lez?
Lezluver: r u a lez?
GR: do you mean am I a lesbian?
Lezluver: yah
GR: yes...
Lezluver: thats so cool!!!!

Above: Here you see four female avatars dancing in their underwear. Does that make the players controlling them lesbians?

Was it wrong? Probably, but look how happy we made Lezluver. We assume this player was a young male who finds women that like touching other women to be totally hot, but again, we can only assume.

If letting Lezluver think that his level 20 avatar was standing next to a bonafide real life lesbian brought him four exclamation points of joy, we'll consider this little white lie as our random act of kindness for the year.