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Hitman: Sniper challenge guide


Remove the stripper evidence

Grants a 1.06 Point Modifier

There are three pieces of clothing that need to be shot to complete this challenge. The three pieces you can find are:

  1. A white boot to the right side of the dance party, right beside the swimming pool.
  2. A nurse’s hat can be found on the bench next to the lily pond and to the left of the Merman statue.
  3. The final piece can be found on top of the bear’s head in the room just above the people dancing.

Once the challenge has been completed, the stripper herself will appear in the center window above the party and start to strut her stuff for you.

Mr. X

Who is this mystery man?

Grants a 1.12 Point Modifier

Once you have completed all of the challenges, this mysterious Mr. X will appear. Look down to the window with the panda bear stuffed toy in it and then a couple windows below that. In the previously unoccupied window, a man on a cell phone will now appear. Take a shot at him and he will look up at you and the challenge will complete.