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Hitman: Sniper challenge guide

Ohh Mine Got!

Activate the mines

Grants a 1.05 Point Modifier

Nothing says “Party” like proximity mines! There are ten mines on top of the pedestals in front of the dance party. To activate each mine, you will need to shoot them. If a guard gets close to them once they are activated however, they will detonate, alerting everyone. To get the 10 mines activated without incident, take out the couple guards that patrol the area near the pedestals first. Once they are down you can then focus on the mines.

It’s a Trap

They don’t need more alcohol

Grants a 1.06 Point Modifier

To the right of the main building, beside the pool area, there is a lift that has a load of wooden kegs on it. Below the lift there will be a guard patrolling who will keep walking back and forth. When the guard walks under the lift, shoot one of the ropes holding it and the kegs will crushing his head.