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Hitman: Sniper challenge guide

Gnome Invasion

Gnomes are invading the apartment

Grants a 1.07 Point Modifier

To get this challenge, you will first need to make the gnomes appear and then shoot them all. First look for the only gnome that is visible. He can be found on the lower corner of the building to the very far left. Once you shoot him, two more gnomes will appear in the apartment of the tinfoil hat wearer directly across from you. The final gnome will be to the right of the tinfoil hat man, just outside his room.


Free elevator ride

Grants a 1.07 Point Modifier

To get this rather hilarious challenge complete, shoot the green elevator button behind the dancers to open the elevator door. Make sure there is a guard standing in front of it, and when it opens, shoot him to knock him back. If he was close enough, he will fall down the opening. If you shoot him and he doesn’t quite make it down the shaft, give the body another shot or two to give it an extra push.