Hitman 5 will probably be titled Hitman: Absolution

It's been a long wait for Hitman fans, but it looks like Hitman 5 may be announced soon. AEuropean trademark filingfor Hitman: Absolution under video games and software by Square Enix hints at the possible name of the game. Unless there are two Hitman games currently in development, Absolution is probably the subtitle for the next game in the series.

Hitman 5 was first hinted at in 2007, but the game wasn't confirmed to be in development until 2009. A Hitman-themed ARG on the IO forums ended with a teaser image for the game (see above). Between the filing and the ARG, it seems likely that we'll learn more about the game by E3 at the latest.

Source:Silicon Era

Apr 25, 2011

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