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Halo: Reach commercial has a dude playing a sexy female Spartan

Remember Reach . Bloody Nora, do I ever love the Halo: Reach Deliver Hope commercial. Sure, it's a bit up its own ass. But bugger my eye sockets gently if it ain't hella stirring. One of the main reasons it's so good, aside from that touching score , is the ass-kicking live action depiction of Noble Squad's Kat. In the game, Noble Two is a European vixen with an attitude and heavily armoured legs that won't quit. In the advert... well, she's kinda a dude. Literally.

Credit to Legacy Effects for its sterling work on Deliver Hope, but we’ve just got to call cross-dressing bull and shit of the highest order.

Although admittedly, seeing a stunt man (who looks mega miffed) getting fitted for rubbery as shit Elite armour quells our displeasure.

Source: Kotaku

Oct 15, 2010