Gunpey - hands-on

Let's see how fast we can describe the latest puzzle game to rob our lives of human interaction: connect lines. There, that about does it. Broken fragments slowly scroll from the bottom of the screen, only able to be shifted further up and down the column. All you have to do is make a solid line from left to right and it disappears. Any unfinished lines that make it to the top of the screen do you in, so it's all about zipping the fragments back down as low as they can go on the grid.

Much like Tetris, these puzzle pieces come in all kinds of shapes. Their disparate forms, when connected, can extend through the grid, so you don't have to create a straight line across - it can be a zigzagged, entangled mess, just as long as it touches both sides of the puzzle tray. Simple, but as with any well-crafted puzzler, addicting as hell.