Guild Wars: Eye of the North - interview

GR: We were curious to know from your point of view, do any particular countries regularly dominate the PvP scene?

Miller: Well as far as the World Championships go, I think all of them have been won by Koreans.

GR: When we play we constantly see the Korean characters popping up on the screen saying that they've won "this" or that they've won "that." And we were wondering if there just happens to be that there are certain times when more people from one country are playing than the others.

Miller: That certainly has a little bit to do with it. And to be fair, there are very, very, very, very, very good and accomplished European PvP guilds, and American PvP guilds, and Asian PvP guilds, which is part of what makes Guild Wars so cool. You are able to compete at such a professional, almost sports-like level. But it just so happens that Koreans have won the past couple World Championships so you can't really argue with that.