Guild Wars: Eye of the North - interview

GR: So nothing new about that then? Well regarding the Hall of Monuments, will the rewards you gain have any affect on your characters in Eye of the North? Or will they only be for when you pick up Guild Wars 2?

Miller: So the Hall of Monuments is in some ways meant to facilitate the transference of your accomplishments over to Guild Wars 2. So the Hall of Monuments itself - as far as it being rewarding to your actual character - it's a personalized instance that's going to change based on what you've accomplished in Guild Warsone.

Lye: Right. It doesn't provide rewards in and of itself to your Guild Wars one characters. It's meant as a way to preserve your investment - for all the things you did with your Guild Wars characters - in the first series of campaigns so you can carry over your legacy to Guild Wars 2.

Miller: But in a lot of ways it is kind of a reward in and of itself because it's a personal space that - for lack of a better term - you get to pimp out with all of your accomplishments. So it actually changes over time and actually looks cooler and cooler as you accomplish more and more. So it's one of the more unique dynamic things that we've ever done.