Grudge Match goes into production

Big fan of Space Cowboys ? Want more flicks about old fuddies getting a second chance at excitement? Grudge Match could be just the film for you.

No, it’s not another J-horror remake. Grudge Match is a drama that The Hollywood Reporter describe as seeking “to evoke the tone of the 2000 Warners movie Space Cowboys ”, which followed a retired engineer who got to be an astronaut.

Grudge Match is the story of retired boxers Billy ‘The Kid’ McGuigan and Henry ‘Razor’ Sharp (ahem), who were once bitter rivals in the ring.

Now, 50 years after their last fight, they are coaxed out of retirement for a final punch up. Cue comedy slow-mo of spit-drizzled dentures sailing through the air and zimmer frames sat in the ring corners.

TV writer Tim Kelleher has scribbled the script, which Bill Gerber (of Gran Torino ) will be producing. Considering Gerber’s connections with Clint Eastwood, we imagine he’ll be attempting to coerce the star into a role or the directing chair.

But in lieu of that, how about Alan Arkin? Or Al Pacino?

Who do you fancy entering the ring?

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