Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball Max'd Cheats

Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball Max'd Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by ManCody98

    1,000,000,000 Dollars

    When in play mode, pause the game hold L2 then press Circle, Square, Left, Right, Circle, Down, Up.

  • Xbox | Submitted by CDP

    Unlock All Characters

    If you want anybody and all of their equip. from Dynasty,XSV, or even Greg Hastings him-self, go to "My Character" and Hold "Y" then press "right"(while still holding "Y")and then press "Y" again (while still holding "right") and keep on pressing "Y" until you get to the player you want. WARNING: If you use this cheat make sure you Save everything before you go shop, or your game will freeze!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Brad Z

    Get Pro Player Equipment

    While your at your character thing(Where you put up your experience points, speed, accuracy, Etc...) Hold the left analog either to the left or right and tap the white button. If done correctly, You get pro players equpiment. (Example: Say you choose to be Greg Hastings, you get a karnivor, his hopper, all his gear but your attributes do not change.)

Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball Max'd Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Rex13

    God Mode

    If you would like to achieve God mode after you beat the game you need to get on average 6 experience points per tournament. You must have an average of at least 2 eliminations per match and win the tournament to earn six experience points. You have to fill up your player's characteristics, then you can get extra logos-10 exp. points, slow-motion mode (only in arcade mode)-25 exp. points, and God Mode (only in arcade mode)-40 exp. points

  • PS2 | Submitted by paintlax21

    Never Lose A Tournament

    Say if you are in the semi-finals, the finals, or any other place in a tournament. If you lose your last game which takes you out of the tournament do not press "X" and continue which will make it save. Just restart the system before it saves so when you turn it on you are either at the beginning of the tournament or where you where when it last saved.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Evnight the Dawg

    Easy way to beat the computer

    When your opponent is in a bunker shoot at him until he/she goes back into the bunker then come around the back side and shoot your opponent in the back

  • Xbox | Submitted by Dan Clemson

    Special Prizes

    - Win the first pro tournament get bronze goggles
    -second bronze marker
    -third bronze barrel
    -fourth silver gun
    -fifth silver mask
    -and final gold gun

    these are all if you win the tournaments

  • Xbox | Submitted by Dibision

    How To Get The Best Available Team.

    Depending on your style of play determines what kinds of people you should get. If you like to hang around in the back (like a sissy little girl who hold hands with a teddy bear) you should probably have one or two teammate's at the back position (B) on the character screen and a couple of middles (M) on the character screen and one or two at the front. Or if your like me and want to get in on that action and take them out fast
    have two middle men and the rest as front positions. My team players are as following
    Oliver Lang, Yosh Rau, Greg Hastings,
    Todd Martinez, Tyler Michuad, Alex Fraige,
    and yes five of those are on team Dynasty the best in the world.

Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball Max'd Unlockables

  • Xbox | Submitted by cqb1331

    All Characters

    Play all of the single player mode tournaments, and place in the top three in each event to unlock all characters.

  • Xbox | Submitted by pbkwarrior

    Hidden Options

    When you successfully max out your characters attributes you can use your exp points for bonus options. All of these options are accessed by going into the "My Character" menu selection and pressing White after your player has been maxed out.
    God Mode=opponents cannot shoot you (25 exp arcade mode only)
    Slow Motion Mode= game moves at 1/2 speed (25 exp arcade only)
    Extra team logos= more logos to represent your team(25 exp)

  • Xbox | Submitted by pbkwarrior

    Hidden Items

    There are hidden items available when placing 1st at the Pro tourneys. Fictional markers and masks made by WXP for the game but still cool.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Giovanni

    Bronze Goggles and Marker

    During the tournaments in the pro series you will receive bronze goggles and a bronze marker for finishing in first place in the first two tournaments.

Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball Max'd Glitches

  • Xbox | Submitted by Grant Smith

    Get Out of Bounds

    Know how there are nets around all the levels? You can get under them and shoot in on people but they can't shoot you! First you have to go to a corner and move toward the net, then dive and at the same time you look up and your cursor will move straight up. Wait untill the screen starts moving really fast then push forward. If you did it right you'll be outside!