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God of War 4 - What gods we want Kratos to slay in the sequel

Gefion & Sjfn

The Fight: Kratos is lured into Sjfn's Pleasure Dome where hordes of brainwashed, love-sick warriors are eager to rip off a piece of the Ghost of Sparta. Gefion observes from high above, swooping in with her trademark plough to smash Kratos aside and clear the arena for wave after wave of fighters.

The Finisher: Kratos wrestles control of Gefion's plough, dismantles the pillars of the Pleasure Dome, and watches from afar as Goddesses are buried in its rubble.


The Fight: Kratos ascends one of Hel's (the land, not the lady) demonic mansions floor by floor, hacking away at Hel (the lady, not the land) from various heights and avoiding the wreckage as the hell-house falls down around him.

The Finisher: Kratos tears a razor sharp roof ornament from its foundation and plunges it deep into Hel's bosom.


Egypt's legends are fertile grounds for tales of war, murder, revenge, and devastation. You'd be hard-pressed to find any god, goddess, or monster who hasn't gotten their hands dirty--and if there's one thing Kratos likes in his victims, it's a sordid past.

With over a hundred Egyptian deities to choose from, here's who we'd like to fight first...

Osiris and Nehebkau

The Fight: Kratos sprints through a maze-like string of catacombs towards Osiris's throne room, fending off attacks from Nehebkau at every turn.

The Finisher: Kratos uses Nehebkau's defeated body as a lasso, snags Osiris by his goatee, and flings him into Duat's burning ring of fire.


The Fight: Kratos and Seth trade blows in the eye of a desert storm. Buried ruins emerge as the storm intensifies, altering their arena with every passing second.

The Finisher: Swept up by the storm, Kratos smashes Seth's snout and pile drives the stunned god into the ruins below.


The Fight: Horus sits atop his throne as Kratos maneuvers his deadly gauntlet below, occasionally stepping in to disrupt the warrior's progress.

The Finisher: Kratos bests the last of Horus' tests and is duly rewarded with a mighty feast/orgy inside Horus' temple. Who said these things always have to end up bloody?


The Fight: Kratos and Reshef trade shots across the raging Nile Delta, and after a harried scramble across the raging waters, Kratos washes ashore at Het-Rehsp to land the final blow.

The Finisher: Kratos drags Egypt's battered God of War to the shores of the nile, dunks Reshef below its surface, and holds him under until the air bubbles stop.


The Fight: Think Moby Dick, except with Kratos as the rage-filled Ahab and Yam's pet Leviathan as the bloodthirsty whale (yeah, we didn't read the book). The fight begins aboard a ship, but moves underwater when Leviathan yanks Kratos below and pulls him kicking and punching into Yam's stronghold.

The Finisher: Hacking off the Leviathan's limb, Kratos frees himself in enough time to wrench a tooth from the monster's jaw and stab it through Yam's throat.


At last we come to the Greeks. What can we say? We're a sucker for the classics. True, Kratos has already reduced the Greek pantheon by a considerable amount, but there's still more Greek higher-ups that we'd like to see face those Blades of Chaos....


The Contender: The daughter of Chaos and Goddess of the Night, Nyx is known as the mother of dark spirits and that shady chick who (allegedly) slept with Cerberus to create the hellhounds. Yeah, let that sink in for a moment. Since Kratos is destined to slaughter a handful of her offspring in later adventures (i.e. Thanatos and The Fates), it's only fair that Nyx gets a chance to dole out some motherly vengeance ... even if it's a tad preemptive.

The Fight: Nyx is often depicted atop her chariot, but Helios already cribbed that style in God of War III. Instead, we see Nyx going the winged-goddess route and weaving in and out of the shadows as Kratos deals with her hellhounds. Freezing Nyx in place with the Life Cycle would be key to victory, with the prize being Nyx's Shroud, which would grant Kratos the power to summon his own hellhound in battle.

The Finisher: De-winged and beaten to a pulp, Kratos whips the hellhounds into a frenzy and sets them loose to feed on their creator.