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Gears Tactics gets new trailer and April release date, won't have multiplayer or microtransactions

Gears Tactics got a brand new trailer at The Game Awards 2019, revealing an April 28, 2020 release date. Then on Friday, The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson revealed the strategy game won't have multiplayer modes or microtransactions of any kind.

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Revealed during E3 2018, Gear Tactics is a strategy spin-off and prequel to Gears of War, taking place 12 years before the events of the first game. We missed Gears Tactics at E3 2019, but The Coalition has more than made up for lost time in the last 24 hours.

The new trailer is most complete look we've seen yet for Gears Tactics, offering a good mix of cinematics and gameplay. The real-time strategy gameplay at its core certainly resembles XCOM (and Mario + Rabbids if that's your thing), but with the Gears franchise's signature big guns, bigger monsters, and touches of humor thrown in.

You'll strategically position your pawns across a map with breakable barriers between you and your enemy, taking turns firing off rounds and throwing explosives until one side is defeated. As a big fan of these kinds of games, I'm going into Gears Tactics optimistically.

Fergusson's tweet is bittersweet, at once dashing any hopes of a multiplayer mode and committing to keeping microtransactions, often the bane of a video game's existence, as far from Gears Tactics as possible.

Gears Tactics releases on the Microsoft Store, Steam, and Xbox Game Pass for PC on April 28.

Perhaps The Game Awards' biggest news this year was the reveal of the Xbox Series X, and here's your first look.