Gaming's best crusty old men

The archetypal lecherous old man that every good Japanese RPG requires, this magic-wielding puppeteer from Shadow Hearts: Covenent earns bonus points for being one of the creepiest ever created. Not only does he look like a classic pedophile in his murky long coat, dark glasses and sex offender beard, he also carries around a magical puppet that he named after his late daughter.

Gepetto likes to dress up this dead daughter puppet of his with clothes earned by collecting and trading gay porn. Seriously. Several of these dresses are particularly scanty, and in the Japanese version her most powerful “dress” is as invisible as the emperor’s new clothes. As if that wasn't bad enough, we later find out that Gepetto has a BDSM fetish and gets off on being tortured by young women.

So yeah ... Gepetto's pretty amazing.