The new games of November 2013

November 15 (cont'd)

Super Motherload

Platform: PS4
EU: November 29

PS4 owners will soon get their industrial gloves on this updated take on XGen's 2004's Motherload flash game. The follow-up will see one to four players punching their clocks on Mars where they will farm resources to fuel a cold war back on Earth. The game will sport over 150 levels of mining-related puzzling in a campaign hosted by comic book veteran Kurtis Wiebe.

Granted Super Motherload doesn't look like the next generation of Sony gaming, but with procedurally generated worlds and ample opportunity for local multiplayer fun, it will pad out the PS4's indie selection quite nicely. So yeah, we're digging it.

Switch Galaxy Ultra

Platform: PS4
EU: November 29

From the PlayStation Mobile store to PS Vitas, Switch Galaxy has come a long way. Now, Atomicom's arcade space racer is getting the ultimate bump up in the form of a PS4 port for the console's November launch.

Expect that “Ultra” tag to apply to nearly every part of the Switch Galaxy experience, from ultra visuals to ultra sound, and even an ultra refined story mode that will include work from Wipeout alumni Darren Douglas. Extra content will also be included, giving gamers extra reason to ride the interstellar rail-riders in search of precious Tantalum. Lastly, there's talk of proceeds from the game sales helping Atomicom's charity of choice, Caudwell Children, so if you need extra incentive to get behind this psychedelic PS4 arcade game, there it is.

The Pinball Arcade

Platform: PS4
EU: November 29

Fresh from its mobile and Xbox Live appearances comes FarSight Studio's The Pinball Arcade. Arriving as a launch title for PS4, the game will ship with 22 licensed tables including Black Knight (Williams), Twilight Zone (Bally), Star Trek: The Next Generation (Williams), and Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Williams).

No doubt, gamers have a good selection of nostalgic tables when it comes to pinball. The Pinball Arcade is one that's generated some positive reviews, so look for it when it flings out for PS4 on launch.


Platforms: PS4, PC
PS4 (Nov. 29)

Get your ass out out of cryo-bed and join the fight against Corpis in this sci-fi, co-op actioneer from Digital Extremes (The Darkness II, Star Trek). Fresh from its PC launch, Warframe will bring the four-player action to the PS4, casting players as members of the Tenno warrior race who must lead the charge against a human clone army, intergalactic zombies, and members of the Corpis mega-corporation.. No doubt, the odds are steep, but thankfully you'll have uniquely augmented battlesuits (aka Warframes) to help even the odds. That, and the power of friendship (we're guessing).

Warframe will test players against nine different mission types taking place on procedurally generated environments throughout the solar system. Each mission will focus on different team strengths and reward them in kind with new gear or credits with which to purchase better equipment. Warframe is free-to-play and has been out for PC beta players for some time. At the entry price of $0, consider it a “must-definitely-check-out” title on PS4's launch day.

War Thunder

Platforms: PS4, PC & Mac (already out in Open Beta)
EU: PS4 (Nov. 29)

After a lengthy open beta, Gaijin Entertainment's (X-Blades, Star Conflict) MMO combat flight simulator is prepping for launch on the PS4. Catering to World War II aviation buffs, the game will place gamers in the boots of a WW II pilot and set them loose to gun down players across the world.

War Thunder will feature hundreds of WWII model planes, each of which will come equipped with authentic cockpits, upgradeable weapons, and ample customization options. Players will also have a chance to experience the game's historical battles on land and sea with tanks and ships, all sporting the same accuracies as their air-born counterparts. Learn more about this potential PS4 gem in War Thunder: The best PS4 launch game you're probably going to ignore.