The new games of November 2013

November 15

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Platforms: PS4, PC (Nov. ), Xbox One (Nov. 22)
EU: PS4 (Nov. 22), Xbox One (Nov. 22)
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Chart a course for the stabby seas in the sixth (console) chapter of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed franchise. Set at the end of the 17th century, Assassin's Creed IV focuses on the pirate adventures of one Edward Kenway, father to AC III's Haytham Kenway, who's Caribbean voyages steer him headlong into danger, treasure, and centuries-old mysteries. As the captain of the Jackdraw ship, players will pull Edward's strings as he builds a crew and sets off to take missions on the water and within the streets (and rooftops) of Nassau, Havana, and Kingston. Players will also double as a character in the future who is reliving Edward's memories through an Animus machine within Abstergo Entertainment and spending his downtime exploring the infamous company from within.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag promises a more open world experience, with land and seas based missions blending seamlessly and a majority of environments being unlocked from the beginning. Improvements have also been made to Assassin's Creed's unique multiplayer component, which will again challenge players to wield stealth, wit, and guile to murder their friends and online strangers. This game was previously released for PS3, 360, and Wii U back in late October. It will sail into next-gen waters aboard the PS4 on November 15, followed by PC on November 19 and Xbox One on the 22nd. See what we've spied on the horizon our Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag review and 25 amazing things we did in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag on PS4.

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition

Platform: PC

Baldur's Gate's Bhaalspawn saga will soon be reborn in this upgraded RPG adventure for PCs, Macs, iPads, and Androids. Featuring Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of the Amn and Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal, the collection with set players on a path to either thwart the evil Irenicus or assume the role as Lord of Murder. For what it's worth, that second option sounds way more cool.

Employing party-based action, this enhanced version will include four new characters, including Dorn Il-Khan, a plunderer of the Sword Coast; Neera, a trouble-causing mage on the run from Red Wizards; the monk Rasaad yn Bashir; and an unnamed thief who's lust for booty (the glittery kind) takes him all over the world. Combined, the characters will offer new powers and over 30 never-before-seen locations. The enhanced version will further bring Baldur's Gate world to life with refined multiplayer modes, remastered visuals, and a slew of gameplay improvements.

DC Universe Online

Platform: PS4
EU: November 29

Sony Online Entertainment' superhero MMORPG is getting ported to PS4 this month, bringing (somewhat) of a new experience for subscribers new and old. On the surface, the PS4 version will have everything that has been released for DC Universe Online (DCUO) since it debuted online, including the umpteen DLC packs and updates. That said, developers are hinting at the arrival of exclusive content for the PS4, as well as a companion app for iOS and Android devices that will serve as a portable tool for keeping tabs on characters and super-friends outside of the game.

Rest assured, if you're already playing on the PS3, you won't have to start from scratch. DCUO for PS4 will transfer everything over from PS3 accounts and still link up with players on both systems. Will it the upgrade be worth the transfer? We think so. See why in our list of Best free MMORPGs.

Deadfall Adventures

Platform: Xbox 360, PC
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Meet James Lee Quartermain: rogue, treasure hunter, ladies man, great grandson of literary hero Allan Quartermain, and star of this action-adventure release for Xbox 360 and PC. Following in the footsteps of Laura Croft, Nathan Drake, and Indiana Jones, Deadfall Adventures will chronicle Quartermain's tales as he explores strange lands, tracks down supernatural relics, and saves his sweetheart Jennifer Goodwin from the clutches of zee evil Germans!

From Egyptian lands to long lost cities, Deadfalls Adventures will equip players will all the tools and opportunities to become an international man of daring-do. Gameplay will blend combat with puzzle solving, encouraging quick reflexes and the ability to think outside the box (temple, crypt, trap, etc.). Deadfall Adventures will also sport something called an “adventure-style multiplayer” which, to us, sounds...uh...adventurous to say the least.


Platforms: PS4, PS Vita

One True Game Studio's parody fighter is getting a second kick at the can in this PS4 launch release. Like the August 2013 original, the game will focus on the faux art of divekicking--a two-button fighting move that comprises 99.99% of Divekick's matches. Along the way, players can expect to wield said move against a cast of misfits including a skunk bear, podiatrist, and a dude who wears boots on his hand.

Shaping an entire game around one move was a risky venture for One True Game Studios. Oddly enough, Divekick's tight mechanics, online options, and genuinely funny scripting make for successful experiment. Well... almost. See what we mean in our Divekick review.


Platforms: PS4, PS Vita

Flower is one of two thatgamecompany titles that will be available for PS4 owners in its first month out. Designed by Jenova Chen and Nicholas Clark, the pair behind the more recent (and equally breathtaking) Journey, this game allows players to guide a flower petal through gorgeous environments by controlling the direction and force of the wind around it. And yes, it's every bit as mellow and groovy as it sounds.

The PS4 version of Flower will flourish with 1080p visuals running at 60fps. It will also be a cross-buy download, granting PS Vita owners the power to bliss out on the go. See why we're eager to graze thatgamecompany's fields once more in our Flower review.

Just Dance 2014

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One (Nov. 22)
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Thrust, clap, and vogue your way into the next generation of dancing games with Ubisoft's PS4 and Xbox One version of Just Dance 2014. Dubbed the “future of party gaming”, Just Dance 2014 will ship with over 40 tracks from the likes of Abba, Daft Punk, David Guetta, Psy,, and other superstars new and old. It will also bump up the Just Dance experience with online modes enabling players to twerk with friends on the World Dance Floor.

Just Dance 2014 is the first of the series to receive a year stamp. Does this mean Just Dance will become an annual tradition? Of course it will, don't be silly.