Fullmetal Alchemist 2 Cheats

Fullmetal Alchemist 2 Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by mike

    How to get Sunglasses, Galaxy Medal, and Comaraderie Crest

    To get the sunglass accessory all you have to do is defeat Scar. I recommend you train in the sewers on the chimeras first. You should try to get around level 18. One stratedgy to beat scare is to equip the amulet of perception and guard the whole time so that whenever he attacks you auto counter. You have to beat Scar with a rank of B or above.
    To get the galaxy medal simply beat Crowley after he becomes a golem with a rank of B or better.
    To get the Comaraderie Crest just beat Armstrong I recommend using the amulet of perception for this fight too. Finish with any rank.
    Unlock Concept Art
    Just beat the game once, save your data and load the game from the title screen then as you are playing through the game you will see purple crystals floating in the air. Use Al or a a rock blocker to get to the higher ones.
    Beat Level 5 Boss
    When the boss spits out eggs run up and transmute them before they turn into golems.
    Save Elixers
    When fighting, don't use exliers to heal Al up.Since he has unlimited lives just let him fight and when he gets KO'ed go revive him by pressing O near him.
    Remember Armony from the first FMA game? Well shes back! At the beginning of the game once you are done talking to drunkin guy at the fountain. turn left and run towards a cactus stand. And once you are there you sould see Armony standing right next to the cactus stand.
    Hidden kitty
    while in Siam Sid, a 2nd cat is hiding behind a small pillar in a box that reads onions. for finding this car you get to watch a short scene of ed chasing al around in a circle. i found this cat on my second time playing through the game
    Hidden kitty 2
    In chapter 2/the sewer level when you first go down the ladder leading to the sewer turn left and you will see a trashcan look behind the trashcan and you will see a black cat in a box that says oranges.

  • PS2 | Submitted by jamiacanot

    How to get a Huge Combo

    First use your fists and and press Square, Triange, Triange, Triangle. Then use as many sweep kicks as possible (Square and X together) then you have 2 options: #1 use a rage attack or press Square, Square, Circle to keep up the combo.