Full Auto 2: Battlelines - hands-on

But for today, we finally got our hands on the single-player mode. Evading questions about the game's story, the Sega rep was content to allude to intro cutscenes and in-race dialogue. Do racing games even need stories? (Answer: no.) The game basically breaks down into two types: races and arena battles. We played one of each.

The race we entered was more of a fracas, though. After outfitting our car with twin guns on the front and a flamethrower on the rear - you can choose whatever weapons you like, if you've unlocked them - we headed into battle. The race we chose pitted us against a totally psychotic police force: we cheerfully blew the crap out of roadblocks, shattering glass and crumpled cars flying high into the air in front and behind us. Just like Burnout, the very obvious inspiration for this series, you can shove racers off the road... but you can also blow the heck out of them, as well as other obstacles, which adds a pleasantly violent twist.

We zoomed through the level dueling with the lead cop car - and we beat him in the end, sliding sideways through the finish line, pushing a crushed and mangled heap of metal in front of us - it looked cool but it was definitely an accident. We were crushed to see that we'd failed to fulfill any of the secondary mission objectives, however - they let you unlock better weapons and cars (if you destroy enough of the cops, for example.)