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Frontlines: the great beta give away

"We're delighted to announce that we've teamed up with publisher THQ to offer you andGamesRadar readersa chance to sample the Frontlines Fuel Of War PC multiplayer beta free, gratis and for nowt! Click here to get it from 8pm GMT.

"Powered by the admirable Unreal Engine 3, packed with vehicles and weaponry and boasting a fascinating new frontline combat mechanic, Frontlines is being crafted by Kaos Studios, veterans of the highly rated Battlefield 1942 mod Desert Combat and you'll have your chance to help shape the multiplayer component of the game by reporting for duty as a beta tester.

"If you want to know more on the game, you should check out our Frontlines pages dedicated to the PC version, Xbox 360 version, where there's a raft of previews, interviews, shots and movies to sample.

"But if you want the very freshest intelligence, be sure to check out this freshly crafted preview from our very own Mike Jackson who has returned hot foot from New York to bring you the latest.

"To get your hands on the beta all you'll require is to be registered as a CVG member. Which you can do here.

"See you on the front line..."

Thanks 'guys at CVG'!

And in case you're not up on Frontlines check the below video for a quick taster: