Free Wii U amiibo app will let you demo NES and SNES classics

Ready to get some more use out of your amiibo collection? Nintendo plans to release a free downloadable application for Wii U which will let you tap your figures to the GamePad and play selected snippets from NES and SNES games.

It sounds a lot like the Masterpieces in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, which let you try out classic games for a few minutes at a time. Similar time limits will apply, you'll just use amiibo to unlock them, instead of your brawling skills. Each figure will offer several scenes from the same game.

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata said he hopes "the quickly changing game scenes will pleasantly surprise you and make you feel as though you have just exchanged a game cartridge" in a presentation to investors.

The company hasn't specified which figures will be compatible with the app, though you can probably guess at a few given the NES and SNES selection. In other words, don't expect your hard-won Shulk figurine to be of much help.

Iwata said the application will release in the first half of 2015, though this was a Japanese presentation and international dates may vary.

Connor Sheridan

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