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Forza Horizon 2 Barn Find locations guide

Barn Finds 1-5 

Reminder: the exact spot where the barns can be found is shown by the tip of the arrow on the in-game map.

Barn Find 1: Renault Alpine A1 10 1600S

Once you are around level 7, you will get a call from Ashley saying that there is a rumour of a barn find. Thus begins the terrible addiction. Head to the east of Sisterone and to the right side of the circled area. Look for the dirt road that passes through it and keep to the north of it. This barn is not especially difficult to spot as it literally is right beside the road.

Barn Find 2: Volkswagen Type 2 De Lux

For this barn, you will want to head almost directly north of Montellino. This barn find appeared at level 17 and can be found just to the west of the dirt road that runs north and south near the centre of the circled area. Look for the buildings (and barn) that are encircled by a low stone wall and you will find this awesome vehicle waiting within.

Barn Find 3: Jeep WILLYS MB

Showing up at level 26, this barn find can be found to the northwest of San Giovanni. This was one of the tougher barns to track down as there are plenty of other barn-less buildings in the area and loads of trees that block your view. This lone barn can be found atop a hill just east of the highway that cuts through the circled area.

Barn Find 4: Ferrari GTO

Messing up the "barns appearing at level x7" theory I had going on, this barn find appeared at level 33. Also one of the more tricky barns to locate, this barn can be found hidden behind a couple of other buildings to the south of the dirt road that runs directly though the centre of the circled area.

Barn Find 5: Ford Capri RS3100

Bringing back my "barns appear at level x7" theory, the call for this barn find was delivered at level 37. Found southeast of Montellino, to the right of the highway that runs north and south from Castelleto, this barn is located directly beside a rather huge open building that has hay and an XP board inside it. Grab the XP and then head to the right a few steps to find the real goods.

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