Football Manager Live

A usability study is planned for early in the New Year which may see elements such as an advisor that mirrors FM’s Assistant Manager function added, along with hints and tips, but Miles would prefer it if this “was handled by the more experienced users helping out the less experienced ones, as it will increase the feel of community.” And while some the best bits of FML are straight out of Football Manager, Ov is wary of wholesale borrowing from their opus. “What we have to be careful about is to not add too much,” he states. “There are some features in FM that the hardcore FM guys might want in FML, but could also put off the more casual player if they are forced to do them, so that kind of stuff won’t go in.”

Football Manager Live is looking like genius. The beta is proving to be accessible and playable in short, one-match bursts or night-long sessions. And with a year in game lasting 28 days, coupled with annual player development (or decline), FML’s long-term challenges are promising.