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Flushed Away review

It's a typical movie-game incarnation, except a lot of the bad stuff is flushed away this time around.

The platforming elements are fairly interesting, and as the levels progress, the difficulty rises steadily, and the solutions aren't as obvious. The game is on the easy side, aimed at kids whose reflexes aren't yet honed to lightning fast perfection, like gaming tigers waiting to pounce, so we found the added challenge welcome.

Visually, Flushed Away is acceptable, but you're obviously going to wish it could look more like its theatrical release. Speaking of theater, the game is fairly true to the movie; however, the cutscenes are just still screens from the film (with voices acting it out), rather than in-game scenes or even movie clips, which we really don't view as an acceptable alternative no matter how much time and money it saves.

More Info

DescriptionA typical movie-game, except a lot of the bad stuff has been given the title treatment and sent down the pipes
PlatformPS2, DS
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date18 November 2006 (US), 18 November 2006 (UK)