First in-engine Halo 4 shots hit the net

Two screenshots have hit the net, showing in-engine graphics from Halo 4. Reportedly part of a press blowout expected later today, they were leaked by and subsequently confirmed by NeoGaf user Team Klimt (343 Industries’ assistant director of photography Paul Fetherstone). Paul says the images were taken using a free camera in the game's debug mode. All that fancy depth of field and superlative detail? It's being run in real-time. And the reason he knows this is simple. He says: 'I took them'.

And the best thing? He says they're "100% untouched". Hey - are you even reading this? You're looking at the pictures, aren't you? OK, then, fill yer boots:

Above: Depth of field and a hint of crepuscular ray effect. Yummy eye candy

Above: And it can do 'cold' too. Plus, look at the rendering on that gun barrel

Impressed? Wait until you see it at full resolution (we'll zoom in for you):

Above: Slightly low-res under-armour material? Are you kidding? As an in-game model this is phenomenal

Above: Look at that lighting! Metal has burnish, rubber has sheen... it's incredible

With the Microsoft press embargo lifting later today, stay tuned for more. But for now, stick us down as 'excited' for the new Halo. Bungie may not be on-board any more, but if anything, that's a chance to bring the series forwards in new ways. And judging by this, it's looking mighty promising.

Source: NeoGaf

Justin Towell

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