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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn classes and jobs guide

Classes, Disciples of War


Gladiators specialize in battling with one handed blades. This class is considered a "tank," meaning its chief purpose is to deal damage while taking it. Players using Gladiators will charge first and strategize later. It's about dealing as much damage as fast as possible. When playing a Gladiator, focusing on Strength and Vitality stats is key. This way, you can deal and take more and more damage.

Gladiators are always useful during raids, as their main role is as a damage sponge. Their shields are quite handy for drawing damage away from other party members. A healing class such as Conjurer can also keep them alive during this time.


Pugilists use their raw firsts to deal damage. While it's still considered a tank, the Pugilist cannot take quite as much damage as a Gladiator or Marauder, as they wear lighter armor. Therefore, dealing damage as quickly as possible is of the utmost importance. Strength and Vitality must be focused on.

During Raids, Pugilists pair well with Archers and other long range classes. Pugilists must move in quickly and deal damage in close quarters, so ranged backup is a necessity. Healers will also need to keep an eye out, as Pugilists wear lighter armor. Occasional buffs will also alleviate some of this.


Marauders are essentially Gladiators on steroids. They can take and deal the most damage by wearing heavy armors and battling with axes. Strength and Vitality are important stats, but putting points in Mind is also a good idea. Marauders can heal themselves in battle, so ranking up Mind will boost theses capabilities.

Marauders are great characters for raids. Like Gladiators, they draw attention and damage to themselves while dealing out the hits. Though they can heal themselves, a healing class such as Conjurer can keep them buffed during an axe-heavy rampage.


Lancers use a weapon known as the polearm. This is essentially a long spear or lance that allows them to fight at medium distances. They wear medium armor for decent protection, so keeping the fight at that medium distance is a good idea. Strength is the most important stat here, as the Lancer is best when quickly taking down a single target.

During raids, Lancers won't need as much attention as tanks like Gladiators or Marauders. Due to their medium fighting distance, they won't take as much damage. That being said, a healer will defintely need to help them against enemies with longer ranges. Some damage is certain to get through.


Archers have the longest range of any Disciple of War, as they battle with bows. Having such a long range means they wear medium and light armor; it also means they keep their distance from foes to stay effective in battle. Putting points into Dexterity is most important here.

During raids, Archers provide attack support by dealing ranged damage. They need little attention from healers and should focus on peppering multiple targets with as many quick hits as possible.

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