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Final Fantasy 15 is $25 off on Amazon today, save on one of our favorite RPGs of the year

If you have some holiday vacation time coming up and need something to fill the hours, Amazon's new Final Fantasy 15 deal is just what the white mage ordered. The online retail giant is currently offering both PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game for just $34.99 each, which is nearly half off on one of the biggest games of 2016 before it's even a month old.

View deal: Final Fantasy 15 now $34.99 on Amazon for PS4 and Xbox One

Here's a sample of our own Dave Roberts' review of the game: "It's a beautiful mess, though; a fascinating, wonderful, exciting, bold, and often inscrutable mess with endless ambition and the fearlessness to at least try something new with staid genre conventions. Even when it falters, it's never dull, the humanity of its heroes and the warmth of its world shining through even when its story leaves you cold."

On top of the discount, FF15 is also receiving some of its first free/paid content updates in the form of the Holiday Pack and Holiday Pack+ (with photo frames and a mariachi outfit for Noctis, among other goods). The Season Pass costs $24.99, so you could pick it up and still come out a bunch of DLC and one penny ahead of those poor so-and-so's who bought the standard game at its regular price.

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