Far Cry Vengeance revealed for Wii

We all know Ubisoft is planning big things for Wii (what with a whole slew of games coming out), but today the company made good on its promise by revealing first-person shooter Far Cry Vengeance.

Fans of Far Cry know the series for its gorgeous environments and loaded-for-bear vehicles - now you'll be driving, stabbing and shooting with the remote and Nunchuk attachment. Grenade-tossing will likely be integrated in a similar way too.

Ubi says Vengeance is based on Far Cry Instincts Evolution, but whether "based" means "retooled port" or "whole new game" hasn't been made clear. What is known, however, is that Vengeance is a Wii launch title, so you're going to have several FPS options from the get-go.

September 21, 2006