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Far Cry 3 path of the hunter missions guide

North Island Missions [Part 1]

Location: Camp Murder Outpost

Kill Rare Buffalo with Shotgun

Rare Animal – One-Horned Buffalo

Reward: $200, Extended Wallet

For this mission, you will need to kill a one-horned buffalo with a shotgun that is provided. When you arrive at the marked area, there will most likely be a group of Buffalo together. Before you start firing off your gun, spot the Buffalo with the broken horn and then go in for the kill. Once you kill it, you will then have the skin needed to make the best wallet available.

Location: Amanaki Town Outpost

Kill 2 Bears with Shotgun

Reward: $225

When you arrive at the marked location, look for the small cave opening and you will find the two bears in there.

Location: Hubert Shore Power Outpost

Kill 4 Leopards with a Bow

Reward: $250

Killing 4 leopards with a bow doesn’t seem as though it would be the best of ideas. However, using the Animal Repellant Syringe, the Leopards won’t give two toots about you and you can fire away at them.

Location: Cliffside Overlook Outpost

Kill Rare Komodo Dragon with Bow

Rare Animal – Blood Komodo Dragon

Reward: $225 Extended Grenade pouch.

For this mission, head to the marked area and you should be able to find the Blood Komodo sitting on the small island in the center of the area. Make sure you use the Animal Repellant as there will many other regular Komodos in the area that will sneak up on you otherwise. Once you have the skin, you can craft the best Grenade Pouch in the game.

Location: South of Dr. Earnhardst’s Mansion

Kill Black Panther with a Bow

Rare Animal – Black Panther

Reward: $250, Extended Syringe Kit

One of the few missions that isn’t located at an outpost, but rather in the wilderness. Head south of Dr. Earnhardst’s mansion and you will need to kill a Black Panther with a bow. Go to the map marker and just like all the rest of the missions, use the Animal Repellant before approaching it. Once you do, you will have the needed ingredient for the best Syringe Kit.

Location: Kell’s Boat Repairs Outpost

Kill Rare Shark with a Bow

Rare Animal – Maneater Shark

Reward: $275, Extended Arrow Quiver

One of the more interesting hunting missions, this one requires you to kill a rare Maneater Shark with a bow. Make your way to the designated area and hop in a boat. The shark will be easy to spot as it is black, but trying to tag it with a bow can get a little difficult. Once you do take it down though, watch for other sharks in the area before hopping in to get the skin.

Location: Broke Neck Home Outpost

Kill 3 Bears with SMG

Reward: $275

Again, another simple mission with the proper syringes and is just for the reward money. Go to the cave and take down the 3 bears with the SMG provided.

Location: AM 12 Outpost

Kill Rare Cassowary with Sniper Rifle

Rare Animal – Yellow Neck Cassowary

Reward: $225, Extended Fuel Sling

When you reach the marked area to find the Cassowary, there will be a bunch of them gathered. Look for the yellow-orangey neck on the bird and snipe away. It will run after the first shot, so make sure you have it tagged with the camera or rifle first.

Location: AM12 Outpost #2

Kill 8 Rabid Dogs with RPG

Reward: $175

One of the more ridiculous hunting missions, but I guess if you’re going to kill rabies infected dogs, it’s best to make sure they are down for good. Go to the kennel with the provided RPG and you will need to take down 8 dogs. It’s not all that difficult considering you are using an RPG; just watch that you don’t fire to close to yourself.

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