Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

With all four on screen you%26rsquo;ll be able to freely choose which figure best suits a particular fight, leaving the other three to go about their computer-controlled bashing duties. The first thing that comes to mind on seeing the game in action is Marvel Ultimate Alliance. It%26rsquo;s all there - the isometric view of the battlefield, the four players, the endless tides of enemies to be button-bashed into oblivion. Actually, scratch that last point, for where Ultimate Alliance suffered from poorly implemented gesture special attacks - leaving players with no option but to button bash - FF:RoTS seems to have thoroughly got its wavy/tilty/flicky act together.

The word of the day is mimicking. Seven Studios understands that there%26rsquo;s no point in replacing a button press with a gesture if it in no way reflects the action on screen - that would be counterintuitive and leave you floundering like Aquaman on a giant griddle. Instead, they%26rsquo;ve opted for basic mel%26eacute;e attacks mapped on the A and B buttons and signature moves employed by mimicking the hand movements required.