Fallout 4 DLC "not far off", survival mode getting a complete overhaul

Finally, some word on Fallout 4 Yay. Wait... don't get too excited, the word is that it's "not far off". Work with me here Bethesda, how far is 'not far?'

The studio tweeted out the tease, along with word on a survival mode overhaul:

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Not exactly dropping big info bombs there Beth'. 'Excited' you say? Who would have guessed? Then there's that "we're not far off" - do they mean finishing it? Showing us?

Previously Bethesda held game jams which ultimately fed ideas into the Skyrim DLC pool, and have always favoured a range of big story expansions, add ons like houses, and bits of tat like horse armour (which I bought). There's a lot of theories about what Fallout 4's DLC might include based on things found in the game if you're interested.

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