External hard drives not supported for PS4

PS3 had Xbox 360 beat hands-down when it came to storage flexibility; PlayStation users could replace their hard drives with generic PC components and plug in external hard drives for extra space as they needed it. Those handy features will now be split across both upcoming systems, according to a PS4 FAQ posted on the PlayStation Blog today.

PS4 won't support external hard drives of any kind. However, users will still be allowed to replace the built-in 500GB hard drive with any other SATA II drive no thicker than 9.5mm and larger than 160GB.

Xbox One, on the other hand, won't let users replace its 500GB built-in storage--but it will let them connect external hard drives to its USB 3.0 ports and use that storage for anything non-OS related, including game installs.

If you were planning on getting one system over the other, will these changes affect your buying decisions?