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Expert builds for Destiny's Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris

Weapon Loadouts for Prison of Elders 

We've already covered a few weapons that compliment the subclasses in Prison of Elders, but here are some suggestions that are solid go-tos in the arena.

For your primary weapon, you'll want a selection that covers all four elements on hand, so take a look at our picks below. Try to have them Ascended where possible. If you're low on Etheric Light, pop over to our guide to find out where you can pick it up.


Bad Juju isn't just great for Warlocks - it auto reloads after every kill and is fully automatic, making it perfect for mowing down Hive.

The Lich Bane and Hive Disruptor upgrades for the Abyss Defiant will disorient Hive Wizards and cause extra damage to Hive Majors, so it's another good pick for decimating the Hive.

Thorn is pretty handy because of the upgrades that let it do damage over time, which will stop enemies from regenerating shields while you take a breather to reload or regenerate your own.

Hard Light has a high rate of fire and coupled with the amount of ammo it can hold, it's perfect for mowing down tough Cabal. The Glass Half Full perk causes additional damage with the bottom half of each magazine, while Volatile Light lets rounds over-penetrate targets and ricochet off hard surfaces.


Shotguns are your best friend when it comes to secondary weapons. Judgement VI is a reliable choice, with the Return to Sender giving you extra ammo for kills.

The Matador 64 is great for PvP, but as the stats are random, you'll need to use your judgement as to whether this one will do you any favours in PvE. Feel free to reforge (and re-roll if needs be) until you get the perks that float your boat.

Felwinter's Lie has both high impact and range, making it a staple when it comes to shotguns.

If shotguns aren't your jam, the Murmur fusion rifle that can switch between Arc and Solar damage is a good secondary for clearing out Hive.

Invective has one of the best base rates for stability and range and can go to full auto. It also has an upgrade that regenerates ammo, so be sure to bring it along.

Void damage, increased reload speed and high stability makes the Praedyth's Revenge a must-have for snipers picking off Vex.

Ice Breaker is made for PvE, with great range, impact and regenerating ammo.


Super Good Advice isn't brilliant when it comes to stability and accuracy, but the perk after which the weapon is named ensures that almost all shots that miss your target will return to the magazine, so it does a marvellous job when it comes to crowd control.

Against all odds is the perfect machine gun for both PvP and PvE, while the high impact and range will have you whipping it out to care of bosses. The Grenadier upgrade reduces the cooldown of your grenade, which is always handy.

Sawtooth Oscillator is another weapon with random stats that can be reforged and re-rolled to your heart's content, but you should end up with a decent machine gun for PvP and PvE, so toss this into your inventory when you roll the stats you need.

This rocket launcher is just brilliant. If you want a hard hitting heavy weapon, this is for you, with the Wolfpack Rounds upgrade turning your rounds into tracking missiles upon detonation. You'd be mad not to add it to your inventory.

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