Exclusive Deadfall featurette with Olivia Wilde and Charlie Hunnam: watch now

Blizzard-y thriller Deadfall sees Olivia Wilde’s Liza and Charlie Hunnam’s Jay on the run for very different reasons, albeit towards the same destination.

Both are haunted by their pasts, and both have family problems to overcome, so it’s little wonder that they end up connecting.

Jay’s a boxer with a troubled past, fresh out of the clink. Liza’s a drifter, fleeing the crimson-stained scene where her brother (Eric Bana) killed a cop after a getaway-gone-wrong.

Our exclusive featurette has director Stefan Ruzowitzky and cast members Wilde, Hunnam, Eric Bana and Sissy Spacek explaining the role that family plays in the offbeat noir.

Watch the Deadfall featurette below:

Deadfall opens in the UK on 10 May 2013.