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Eradicator Cheats

Eradicator Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Demo Version:
    Code Description
    fushipi invincible
    guns all ammo
    xmas all inventory
    tunnel walk through walls
    bloodlust weapon powerup
    2krad4u kill yourself
    sputnik fill in automap
    amobject fill in objects in map
    aimove stop A.I.

    Registered Version:
    Code Description
    \armsall weapons & ammo
    \gift all inventory items
    \ragamuffin invulnerable
    \digno- clipping mode
    \vici successfully end the level
    \overdrive get the microchip
    \sputnik automap (Full)
    \amobject objects appear on map screen
    \bload level warp
    \gobbet character suicide
    \aimove turn on/off enemy AI
    \frame shows framerate
    \guns Full Ammo
    \arms All ammo & weapons
    \oreilly Radar tracker
    \blub Slow motion toggle
    \grav Low gravity
    \poed Zero gravity
    \dunhour Kill all enemies
    \gps Show coordinates
    \fmk Max health
    \ouch Lower health
    \76trumbos Sound test
    \fmk maximum health