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Enslaved pre-order conundrum: ninja Monkey or sexy robot Trip?

We were already planning to buy publisher Namco Bandai’s upcoming third-person action adventure Enslaved: Odyssey to the West – it played well at E3 and it looks even prettier than developer Ninja Theory’s last game, the PS3 exclusive Heavenly Sword. But now we have to decide where to buy it.

Walmart/Walmart Canada has called dibs on the "Classic Monkey" getup (pictured above), which harkens back to the original Chinese roots of the character and doubles his melee damage.

GameStop/EB Games Canada has locked down the "Ninja Monkey" – an option that offers bottomless stores of plasma staff blast and stun ammo.

That said, the most attractive option - at least in our flesh-targeted minds - is sexy robot Trip, a sort of techno-flirty getup that bares some skin and adds extra cybernetics, granting her stun attacks that last twice as long as normal, courtesy of Best Buy (yep, both in the US and Canada). For those keeping track, that means both her EMP blasts and Monkey's ranged/melee stunners get a double dose of effectiveness. There's a terrible joke about her being so hot she double-stops enemies in their tracks, but that’s just too easy so we’ll skip it.

But wait – there’s more! Lest you think plunking down cash early can only earn you digital bewbage and fancy-pants stat boosts, think again sir and/or madam. If you head online to grab a copy from (or their .ca variant if you're in the Great White North), you'll get a soundtrack bundle courtesy of one Nitin Sawhney … who we’re told is a composer of considerable skill. Finally, over in Future Shop Canada and Target-land, bundles include a whopping 40-page Marvel prequel comic that delves into the characters' backgrounds.

It's not a bad set of options, honestly. And while we wish this sort of stuff were available in one place, at least you know there are a few perks for preordering it from your usual retailer before the game drops this October. Us? We're tempted by the soundtrack, but we’ll probably end up going that whole Best Buy route - purely for the extra stun effects, of course.

Jun 28, 2010