Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - hands-on

Take Field Ops. You can hand out ammo, have a variety of artillery pieces dropped that you control with binoculars, and you can call in air strikes with smoke grenades - all with alarming regularity. Class abilities have more potential than we’ve ever seen. A skilled Field Ops could have the opposing team cowering under sheer weight of fire. At least until an Engineer puts up an interceptor turret that’ll obliterate inbound ordnance, or a Covert Ops hacks your artillery. There’s endless interplay between the classes, kept in motion by the ever-shifting maps and other players simply getting wise to what you’re doing - as well as a little system that unlocks abilities over the course of each of the three-map campaigns.

Instead of a kill tally you get points for teamwork. Someone playing a Strogg Constructor who dutifully repairs vehicles, sets up turrets and disarms explosives will find themselves rewarded with (among other things) the ability to launch their tool-arm from their body and repair from a distance.