Empire: Total War

The engine too has been overhauled, allowing for more detailed graphics, from the macro level of the terrain to the micro level of the troops. Not only that, but we can expect a full-blown rethink of the game’s AI, with troops now reacting to your diplomatic relations, and even the weather. Rain will make your troops sluggish and dampen your gunpowder, while storms will make the sea a treacherous mistress. Generals will scream orders, ragdoll corpses will be thrown by cannon shot and bagpipes on the battlefield will give a mark of authenticity.

Coupled with these changes to the real-time action, the strategic sections have been streamlined, adding nation-based micromanagement (not requiring you to single out individual regions and change their taxes, for example). The entire game has been smoothed, buffed and shined up for the prime time, and it’s looking like another Total War triumph.

Jan 22, 2008