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Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by The Bubbees

    Skeleton Key

    ~ (cheat enter screen)

    Player->additem "skeleton_key"1
    This item is like the best lock picking tool you could ever find. You can open pretty much anything with it. Good luck my fellow gamers!

  • PC | Submitted by The Bubbees


    ~ (cheat enter screen)

    Enter Player->additem “Gold_100” then add the ammount of gold you want. Make sure that it says "Gold_100" and not the amount you want. make sure not to add to many zeros or the computer will not add the cheat.

    Player->additem “Gold_100” 100000

  • PC | Submitted by The Bubbees


    ~ (cheat enter screen)

    Become a Vampire
    Startscript “vampire_quarra_PC”
    Startscript “vampire_berne_PC”
    Startscript “vampire_aundae_PC”

    Cure Vampirism
    Startscript “vampire_cure_pc”

Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by me

    Awsome Light Armor

    Tel Fyr Tower

    Go to Tel Fyr Tower and levitate up to where the dark elf is. In one of those rooms up there there will be a closet set for lock level 100. Open it and inside will be strong armor will 60% resist magika constant effect. If you want more there is a chest next to the dark elf with Deadric Armor but in the chest has a Deadric Mace that can summon a scamp and a Dremora.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Mystery Guy

    Alchemical Ingriedients

    The many potions I have made are below:

    Restore Health: Saltrice+ Marshmerrow

    Invisibility: Bittergreen Petals+ Diamond

    Water Walking: Scales+ Violet Caprinus

    Restore Fatigue: Saltrice+ Hound Meat

    Water Breathing: Kwama Cuttle+ Hackle-lo Leaf

    Cure Common Deasease: Green Lichen+ grave dust

    Night Eye: Daedra Heart ( RARE) + Kagouti Hide

    Drain Ftaigue( BAD) : Hypha Facia+ Bonemeal

    Drain Strength ( BAD) : Saltrice+ Bonemeal+ Bungler's Bane

    Fortify Intelligence: Bloat+ Ash Yam

    Detect Animal: Bloat+ Alit Hide

    Drain Agility( BAD) : Ruby( UNCOMMON) + Pearl( RARE)

    Detect Key: Diamond( RARE) + Spore Pod( UNCOMMON)

    Fortify Strength: Dreugh Wax( RARE) + Daedra Skin( SUPER RARE)

    Paralyze( BAD) : Spore Pod( UNCOMMON) + Daedra Skin( SUPER RARE)

    Cure Paralyze and Restore Heatlth: Willow Anther+ Stoneflower Petals+ Scamp Skin

    Restore Intelligence: Ruby+ Bittergreen Petals

    To find the alchemist's formularly, go to Pelagiad, and go to Mebstan Ence (TRADER),across from the halfway tavern in the upstairs room by the window is the formularly.

  • Xbox | Submitted by XBOX gamer 117


    off of Suran

    If you go out the exit of Suran, {Not the one that leads to the bridge.} Keep following the trail until you come to a beach looking location. Take a left so you are on a trail. That will lead to a dead end. There you will find the samurai. {Hint: Make sure you are a high level because I tried it and I died with one hit of his weapon. That was when I was level 2.

  • PC | Submitted by preston graves

    change skill points (read all)

    click ~ and put
    player->setspeed 100
    you can change it to strength sneak light armor long blade ECT. and change it to 100 or 9 if you want. or click a person on it and put health 0 to kill with out crime level going up.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Tartarus

    Easy Way To Get Daedric, Glass, or Ebony

    First, find a spell to summon a golden saint. Then, simply summon it and then kill it. Before it disappears, press the A button while looking at it to bring up its inventory. Then, take the weapon and/or shield.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Axe2005

    Master Thief

    Check everywhere for stealibles! One time I found a holy shield that sells for 15000 if i remember right. It is real easy for me because i can use moonshadow. (dissappearing spell you get from the sign of the shadow). Don't waste time on stupid stuff that weigs a ton but sells for 1 gold like bottles, jars, bowls, ect. despite that, candles, lamps, and torches can be usefull. One last tip, always save before stealing anything, most likely you will get attacked and die. Hope these stealing hints can be useful.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Josh Selbe

    Get The Price Off Your Head For Free

    Ok go to the Thieves Guild and go downstairs, aight? Now talk to the guy behing the bar thing, you should already no who he is. Read Carefully. Get in range where u can talk to him, and drop all your money on the floor, so ur standing on it. Next just ask him to take the price off your head and it will say that, i don't know 230 pieces of gold was removed. But if you look, he took jack gold from you. Next pick back up ur gold and continue with your quest. I was told this from a friend and he tried it and so did I and it really works.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by OmnipotentDZ

    Unlimited Strength,Speed...and Evrything

    I am sorry to inform you that there is "no alternative ending to the main quest or the game at all". I am am quoting from an e-mail response I recieve today from bethesda. However do not dispair if you lust for unlimited power. If you have keenning or sunder or any weapon that has a constant effect skill or attribute booster, equip the weapon and hold X+L+R. Press it at the same time and hold it as ling as you want.(It is just like the bound weapon cheat but it gives you a booster in any skill if you have a constant effect weapon with a skill fortifier for anything. I used sunder and kenning to give me the strength, speed, endurance, agility, and luck of over 10,000.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Zeth Maxton

    Bounty Smarts

    If your like me, you go on killing and steeling sprees. Naturally you'l end up with a bounty on your head. If you try to talk to a guard it will say, Pay Gold, Go to Jail, Resist Arrest, and if you have writs Present Writs. If you Pay Gold, or Go to Jail, youl lose your precious items, and if you resist arrest, well, you die. So if you want to keep your things, find a good spot to drop all of your items, leave them there, and then go talk to a guard. Yould wind up paying gold, but at least you wont be wanted anymore, plus you can go back and keep all of your belongings...

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Jaan Hasan

    Unlimited Gold

    If you join House Redron this won't work.

    Ok first go to the Redron Vault in Redron Vivec. Then taunt the guy in front of the upstairs door, if he attacks, kill him take his key and open the door.If he doesnt kill him anyway and pay the fine take the key and open the door. Let the Ordinator out and close the door, inside take all you want INCLUDING THE EBONY DARTS then leave.
    Go to Suran kill the pawnbroker take the other ebony darts. Here's the hard part, find a room with 1 Ordinator, kill him. Take all the armor and the mace and equip all of it. Now when you talk to Ordinators they will attack you first,so it's legal to kill them.
    Now go to Caldrea and find Ghorak Manor. Go upstairs and find a scamp,that barters! He has 5000gold, sell him 2 ebony darts wait 24hrs, he'll have 5000gold again, so sell him 2 more. Repeat this until your out of darts. Now trade the ebony mace for six darts then repeat the process. When your out of maces, put on the Indrel armor and talk to an Ordinator,kill him take the mace. (NOTE1: Ordinators are only in Vivec. NOTE2: You dont have to kill Ordinaters, you can a ebony mace,not cheap for 12000gold, or find one,same with ebony darts 2000gold,and the Indrel armor ,also very expensive.)

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Chris

    Skill raiser

    First you need to bind a WEAPON. Equip the Bound Weapon and draw it out (Ready to attack position) Then Hold X+L trigger+R trigger. Both trigger buttons have to be pressed at the same time. If done correctly, you will here the weapon switching but it doesn't switch. Depending on the type of weapon the bound weapon is, the skill for that type will increase rapidly. I used a Bound Long Blade. I am a lvl 6 Imperial archer with a Long blade skill of 197. i gained 140 levels in about 1 1/2 min. i didn't spend a single gold piece in training.
    Except for acquiring a bound weapon, this trick is completely free

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Mushrooms and Flowers Easily

    If you joined the Mages' Guild in Balmora, then you might have to do some jobs for a woman named Ajira. She will sometimes ask you to gather her certain mushrooms or flowers. To get these just take a sand silt to Seyda Neen and you can find all of these around the village. For the mushrooms, check around and on the trees in the village. For the flowers, check in the Census and Excise Building or the Census and Excise Warehouse (While in the warehouse, make sure you don't get caught by the gaurd otherwise it will be very hard to find them in the village again.). Now, isn't that easier than following Ajira's directions and risk getting killed?

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Shadow

    Ultimate Money Cheat

    First of all, you must have about 1,000 or more gold coins and be strong enough to kill a common shopkeeper. What you do is go to Caldera and look for the Creeper(he's located upstairs in the crummy shop with orcs in it). Now, he will buy what ever you sell him for what it says its worth, so sell him all of your money for the price you gave him or more. Do this several times and he will hold the amount he buys from you (if you sell him 1,000 gold coins 10 times he will have 10,000 gold coins) then kill him and take it all back! p.s. the more money you sell him (up to 5,000) the more he will hold.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Ed

    Vampire Cure

    To cure the vampire disease but it's too late to cure it at an alter then you have to go to a place called Bal Ur. Bal Ur is north to Suran. When you get there go inside the shrine in Bal Ur. Kill everyone there. Then look for a door that goes to the shrines underground. Keep following the trail until you reach the big statue. IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO KILL THE WOMAN NEXT TO IT. Then talk to the woman about vampire cure. After that Tlak to the statue. It will tell you to do a favor in return for the vampire cure. (Before you do the favor I would suggest to use the spell "Mark" so it will be quicker to get back). Do the favor and come back to the statue. Talk to it and he will cure you.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Credit Nixon

    Rare Weapon

    While in Balmora get an invisible potion from the alchemist. then go to the west guard tower across the Odai River. Go up the stairs to the closet. On the top of the closet is a rare sword (only 2 in the game the other one is in suran) talk to the guard so he is facing away from the closet then use the potion and run around him. then just simply snatch the sword without him noticing. (you should save before you take it just in case he sees you.)

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Brohem

    Flying Enchantment

    This is not necessary at all and it has its down sides but for beginner players that don't want to or cant fight groud enemies this is something you should look into. First you have to have a soul gem with a golden saint or ascended sleeper. Get any expensive or exquisite clothing and go to an enchanter (you can do it yourself if your enchant skill is high enough, but save it before so you don't lose your soul gem). Make the enchantment of levitate (you have to have the spell) 1 pt - 1pt on self and make it constant effect. *you can do more than one point but it costs a lot more and you will need a item with a huge enchantment level* anyway this will help you escape ground enemies but you walk very slow, its probably easier to run from them but if you have little to no fatigue this will let you travel and recharge. don't go to high because it will take at least 100pts of health if you fall, depending on your acrobatics and strength level.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by danny

    Throwing Stars Galore

    O.K. first get your strength up. then go to Suran. once there go into the first building to the left there is a chick in there that won't report you or attack you for stealing her stuff. take all you can and go sell it to the smith. once you clean her out barter off of the smith and he should have throwing stars. by all of them. then go back to the barter page ,there should be more sitting there. and since you sold him all of the other chicks things he should be your friend and he'll sell them to you for less every time.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get The Best Sword In The Game

    To get the best sword, go to Ebonhart (A short walk from Vivek) and somewhere there will be a Teleporter Lady that will port you to the king of Vvardenfell's Palace. There, you can steal a Sword that can kill anything in one hit. (also if you port there, it will show on the map that your still in Ebonhart, which is kind of cool)

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Cheeseburger

    Vampric Ring and Bitter Cup

    Here's how to find the Vampiric ring (which is correctly valued at 32, 000 gold) and the Bitter Cup (which is also correctly valued at 100,000 gold and does raise your highest and lowest attribute). The place where you find these items is at Ald Redyana, or something similar to that name. If you're in the Fighter's Guild and you talk to Percius Mercius, he will give you a mission which requires you to go to Ald Redyana. If you don't, the most general directions I can give you is that it's on one of the most North-Westernly islands in Vvardenfell, generaly north of Gnisis. If and when you get there, there will be two skeletal archers out front. Kill them. You can only get in the tower at twilight or dusk. When you walk in,the door to your right can be unlocked if you got a decent security. If you don't, there's hope for you yet. Continue down the hall until you come to a place where it has caved in. Look to the left and there will be a crack in the wall where you can crawl through. Walk around the edge. When you get to the stairs that go down into the water, turn to the left and there will be a hall that will go to a bunch of crates. Search the corpse for a key. If it's not on the corpse, then it's on the crate. Look through the crates. There will be a master lockpick and probe on top of the crates. Go back to the stairs that lead into the water. You can jump in to the water and look for a chest that needs to be opened with a key and has about 2000 gold in it,or go back to where you came in. Go through the door I told you to go in before. Go up the stairs on either side, and two skeletal minions and either a Greater Bonewalker on Bonelord will attack you. Kill them. When you do, if it hasn't already, a skeletal mage with a Silver War Staff will attack you. Kill him and take the Vampiric Ring, a decent ring that let's you absorb health and something else. Look on the pedestal and there will be a gold cup, called the Bitter Cup. Pick it up or drink it, it doesn't matter to me. I picked it up because I'm a unique item collecter.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by GameWizard12

    Murder Case Quick Cash

    When you start a new game go to that guys shack called Finemouth or whatever then go to to island across from his shack. Walk about three meters away from the water edge until about 10-15 seconds have pasted. Then take a left you will see a small chunk of land sticking out of the larger piece. In the middle should be the body of a tax collector. Take the 200 septims he has on him and don't spend them. Go to the person that had you registered in the senus office. He will offer you a reward of 500 septims to find the killer. The killer is that guy that lives a little down from fine mouth. He is in his house (his house will not be locked. Run in and Gut im good. If you killed the right one he will have and expensive ring on him. Then report back to the guy that offered you the reward.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Kelly G. Newman


    If you want two Wraithguards here is how to do it. First of all you need to follow the story up until Lord Vivec gives you the first one. Here comes the hard part. You then need to kill Lord Vivec. After killing him the game will tell you how you have created a doomed world and who cares, this is the only time you need to confront him and with that said you just take the Mysterious Dwemer Artifact that is own his dead body. Then you take it to the Corprusarium in Tel Fyr and speak to Yagrum Bagarn. He will tell you to get the following two book. Kagrenac's Planbook in Kagrenac's Library inside of Tureynulal and Kagrenac's Journal in the citadel Endusal. Just be sure when you get the two book you kill the vampires and take the pendants that they wear. Then take the books back to Yagrum and have him activate Wraithguard. Odd how the one Vivec gives you is for your Right Hand and the one Yagrum Activates is for your left. Regardless you now have two Wraithguards.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by XKayoss

    Easy Leveling 2

    Another pretty easy way to gain early levels is to talk to people, particularly the elf in the lighthouse of the first town. Flatter over and over again, which is just continuously pressing the (A) button. Your speechcraft skill will go up and your levels will go up.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Aaron

    Level up easily

    To level up easily, jump continuously, until it says your acrobatics skill increased. This will add one of ten points to your leveling meter. You have to jump around approximately two minutes to get one level point.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Grimmis

    Get Fargoth's ring,gold, and lockpick

    message: When you find a ring in the barrel outside the census office in Seyda Neen, take it to Fargoth and he will be your friend. Now go to the trader's place, go up the stairs, and talk to the first man you see. Ask about Fargoth's gold. He will ask you to help him get it.He says he will give you half of the gold you find. He tells you to wait until night time and see where Fargoth goes. Go up on the light house at night and look for him. He will walk towards a swampy pond with a hollow tree stump. After he leaves, go and see what's inside the stump. There's 300 gold,the ring you gave Fargoth, and a lockpick. You can get away with keeping all these things. You don't have to give the gold to the man in the trader's place.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by darkcloud89

    Pay 0 gold for your crimes

    Question: Commited a horrendous crime but no money to redeem yourself from the big price on your head?
    Answer: In the south wall cornerclub in Balmora(Thieves Guild), there's a guy downstairs who you pay to get the price off your head with gold(you pay him half the price of the bounty). Talk to him about getting your bounties off your tail(even if you don't have any money)and it'll say that(lets say that our bounty is 1000)500 gold has been taken out of your inventory. I haven't tried doing this trick with others who get the price of your head but I'm sure it'll work.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Own house

    To own your own house,all you have to do is go and kill the owner of the house you want once he is dead he will never come back.Everything in that house is yours for the taking.So then you will have a house to sleep in.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Cain

    Max Weapon Skill

    To max out all of your weapons proficiencies, you will need the conjuration spells for all the weapon types (i.e. bound dagger for short blade, bound longbow for marksman, etc.). These spells can be easily purchased at the Mages Guild in Balmora.

    To do the trick:
    Perform the bound weapon spell. Once you are wielding the weapon, press and hold X and simultaneously press and hold L+R. If done correctly, you will hear the changing weapon sound effect repeating while you are still wielding the bound weapon. Simply hold these buttons until you ve reached a 100 for the weapon skill (it is possible to go WAY higher than 100). Now, perform the trick on each bound weapon type. Congratulations, you are now a professional with every weapon.

    Note: It can be tricky to press and hold the L+R buttons at the same time. If you screw it up, just switch back to the bound weapon and try it again.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Nerevarine

    Talking Mudcrab Merchant

    The talking mudcrab Merchant pays exact value for items and is northeast of Bal Fell across from the entrance of Releth ancestral tomb. I recommend casting a mark spell there. If you don't have one too bad, because vivec which is the closest settlement is very far away. Do not kill it even though it has 10,000 gold that comes back every 24 hours. You should take advantage of the nearby Dwemer ruins. there's good loot and centurions and ghosts to practice on.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Warmaster Darkblade

    Azuras Star

    To get Azuras Star (a "reusable" Grand Soul Gem) go to Azuras shrine (on the map you got with the game). Talk to the statue inside and except the quest. Go to were the statue tells kill all the monsters but DO NOT enter the shack. Go back to Azuras shrine and talk to the statue and you will get the gem.
    NOTE: Azuras Star can be reused as many times as you want and counts as a Grand Soul Gem. It's worth 5000 gold but with a Golden Saint Soul it's worth 2,000,000 gold do not sell it

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by GoSu-WanNaBe

    Get Daedric Crescent

    First of all you NEED a very good security level with the skeleton key (kill master of thieves guild to get skeleton key) or a very good alteration level with a 100 lock pick. Go to Tel Fyr and go up into a room (you will also need to levitate somehow) with a dude that has daedric armor on. (If u kill that dude then you will not be able to finish the game properly) Look around for chests in that same room and eventually you should get a deadric amulet, equip it and it will say do you want to go to some place, accept this and you will be transported to a room with a dremora in it. Kill that dremora and it will take you back to Tel Fyr and say something in the corner I believe saying that you got that the deadric crescent look in your inventory and there it is. P.S.-This is only recommended for people that want a good long blade or for artifact hunters.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Justin B.

    Full Glass Armor

    To get full glass armor is simple. You can buy it or get it my way. to get full glass armor u go to ghost gate and go to dusk tower. Then there is one dud that is up stairs but there is another person the lower section lower section. I recommend u be level 10 to 15 to get it. the best one for the low level people would be down stairs. keep looking he is a armored person u know the people that fix stuff for u. when u find him close the door and simply kill him. keep it quiet though. don't let no one find u or anything. then take the stuff laying around like the glass sword and armor. remember glass has a pretty good armor level on it.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by derek clark

    Free Glass Weapon in Beginning

    When you start you need to do beginning quest first (murder process villeus etc.) than go to silt strider and go to vivec. when you get there go to the boat and travel to ebonheart, than use ebonheart boat to go to tell branora. when you get there go to the right on the docks and get on the path. you should see a group of guards if you don't wrong way. so keep going straight till you see a floating path and go on it. pass the first house and you should see one right in front of you with spiral staircase. first save so you can get the weapon you want. now go in it and go up the stairs and take a left and than more stairs. now go down them and there should be a desk and a locked door with a trap on it. look in the desk there will be a glass weapon for the taking.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by paul

    High Ordinator Armor Without Killing One

    The only place high ordinators our in mornhold but the only way you can get there you must have had an assignation from, the dark brotherhood this happened when you go to sleep to level up (if it isn't the first time you go to sleep keep trying) when you kill him go out side and talk to a guard out side he will tell you to go see a guy in ebonheart who will tell you to see a mage and she transports you to mornhold and when you are there go to gods reach and the house opposite craft mens hall has stairs on the right go in that house and go down stairs and talk to the women (not the one that goes crazy and tells you to go away the one beside her) and do a little job for her and when you come back the door is locked 2 90 points if you cant unlock that go to crafmens halland up stair talk to the mage and buy a scroll that unlocks 100 points then unlock the door and look downstairs in the house and find the high ordinator dead and take all his armor (it is very heavy and don't where it all and talk to any hidh ordinator or a ordinator)

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Viper

    Kill Umbar Easily

    OK first of all to find Umbar you have to go to Suran and leave the town (though the main entrance) then keep going to the left and you will eventually find Umbar (he's not very hard to find). He will talk about how he is sad because he has pretty much done everything in the world and eventually he asks you to kill him (dont worry about bribing him or admiring him). You will not get a bounty on your head so don't worry about that. Ok first of all make sure you have decent armor on and your hand to hand skill is 100 and that you have a pretty decent number for using a weapon (no bows). First start of by using hand to hand and just keep punching him till he falls and lays on the ground for a long time then use your weapon on him while he is down. Also it help if you use the health code but you don't have to if you don't want to. Also you might want to be at at least level 11 or higher. This is the way i though was easiest to kill Umbar. Once you kill him you will be able to take his stuff. he has the full orsisch armor which is a really good and cool looking armor. Also you will get his sword the Umbar which is a very powerful sword.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by gamemaster5

    Power Attributes

    Go to Arlee's tradehouse in Seyda Neen. Buy 'Jack of Trades' Spell from Arlee. Go to the Mages guild in Balmora and talk to a girl in a red robe in the basement. Buy 'Soultrap' from her. Talk to the High Elf in the green robe (don't know her name). Choose spell making and go down to 'Fortify Attribute'. Choose one off the list (ex. Strength) and put the Magnitude to 100-100 and set it on 'self'. Then, choose 'soultrap' and set it on 'Target' but DO NOT MOVE THE AREA OR DURATION!!!! name the spell whatever you want and buy it. Go to a wall and cast it. Your attribute will go up by 100 each time PERMANENTLY!

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Alecto

    Awesome Armor

    First, go to Balmora and take the silt strider to Ald'Ruhn. Then go to Gildan's house. Go down the stairs and turn left, there is a secret door in the wall that leads to a Daedric shrine. Inside you must kill five Dremora Lords. When they are dead you will get a journal entry telling you to search your inventory. Search it and you will have three sets of armor. One Daedric, one Ebony, and one Adamantium.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by VillageShippo

    Special Item in Balmora

    There is a special item in balmora all you do is look through the crates not the urns and baskets. The kind of stuff in the crates is like rings, weapons, throw able weapons, amulets

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by El Japo

    Get Samurai Armor for Free

    First go to Caldera and find someone who will sell u a ring of invisibility then go to Balmora and go to the armourer (I think he is opposite the fighters guild) open the bar like door on his desk then look down and u should see the armor (there is a guard so use the ring unless u are strong enough to beat him) if the ring doesn't work then resist arrest and run to the thieves guild and remove the price for 400 gold.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Thunderhead

    Staff of Magnus

    Go to Mount Kand and go to the top of it. Somewhere around you, there will be a cave called Assu. Go in it and kill the necromancer lady in it. In her inventory, you'll find the Staff of Magnus, one of the most valuble staffs in the game. You may keep it or sell it, your choice. NOTE: come to the cave with a very powerful weapon, the necromancer is strong.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Couch Patato

    Books for Money

    Heres a little hint to get some extra money. Always take books, any type when nobody is looking. They usually can get you 25 to 50 dollars if you trade them at a tradehouse, pawnbroker, etc.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Aaron

    Grand Soul Gem w/ soul

    To get a Grand Soul Gem w/ a soul talk to Ajira in Balmora and do her mushroom quest. After thats done ask her for more duties, and she'll have you replace a lesser soul gem with a fake one in someones desk. There's nobody up there so you might as well take the persons soul gems that are worth a lot. Along with those soul gems you should find a grand soul gem. Go ahead and take it.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Restore health, magica, fatigue

    First press b to go to menu. Then highlight health and press black,white,black,black,black the hold A

    Magica b,w,w,b,w

    Fatigue b,b,w,w,b

    only one code can be entered at a time you will have to reset different codes it will disable if you press l or r in the menu.


    Ok, after you put the cheat in for the health, stamina, or mana, exit the menu while holding A for it to automatically regenerate.

  • Xbox | Submitted by anonymous

    Bar door glitch

    Ok first go to Balmora and into the outfitter. Then when you walk in you go over to the bar door on his desk and press (A) on it. it should come up and you can walk through it to get on the other side of the desk. leave the bar door up and exit the building. When you come back in the bar door will be on it's side! Have fun!

  • Xbox | Submitted by LostVengeace

    HP,MP and Fatigue codes (Same as above code but more detailed)

    message: Using any code replaces the others, so only one can be active at a time. If a mistake is made entering a BLACK-WHITE code, start the cheat over at step 4. The cheat will remain active as long as you don't change menus using the (L) and (R) triggers. Leaving and entering menu mode does not reset the BLACK-WHITE cheat code, so you need only repeat steps 1, 3 (if necessary), and 5 to repeat the last cheat. If the (L) and (R) triggers are used to change menus, the BLACK-WHITE cheat code is cleared and all steps will have to be repeated.

    Restore Fatigue
    To Restore Fatigue:
    1) While in the game, hit (B) to bring up the menus.
    2) Use the (L) and (R) triggers to switch to the Stats menu.
    3) Used the D-pad to select the Fatigue entry.
    4) Press (BLACK) (BLACK) (WHITE) (WHITE) (BLACK)
    5) Press and hold (A) until the desired Fatigue level is reached.

    Restore Health To Restore Health:
    1) While in the game, hit (B) to bring up the menus.
    2) Use the (L) and (R) triggers to switch to the Stats menu.
    3) Used the D-pad to select the Health entry.
    4) Press (BLACK) (WHITE) (BLACK) (BLACK) (BLACK)
    5) Press and hold (A) until the desired Health level is reached.

    Restore Magicka
    To Restore Magicka:
    1) While in the game, hit (B) to bring up the menus.
    2) Use the (L) and (R) triggers to switch to the Stats menu.
    3) Used the D-pad to select the Magicka entry.
    4) Press (BLACK) (WHITE) (WHITE) (BLACK) (WHITE)
    5) Press and hold (A) until the desired Magicka level is reached

Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Glitches

  • Xbox | Submitted by Thunderhead

    Levitation Glitch

    To hover and stay hovering, jump off a building and quickly before you hit the ground save and quit your game. Re-load it and you'll be levitating. NOTE: if you move while in the air, you will fall down.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by xI DiC3 Ix

    Unlimited Arrows

    Equip a bow and any arrow. Hold Attack to pull the arrow back but enter the inventory screen before letting the arrow go. Once in the inventory screen release the attack button, then unequip the arrows and resume the game. The arrow will still fire, but it will not be counted out of your inventory.

Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Easter Eggs

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Anonymous

    M'Iaq the Liar

    Go to Tel Vos. From there, head straight west until you see two rock pillars off to your left. Swim between them and follow the pillars. They lead to a small island where a Khajiit is pacing back and forth. Talk to him and he will have strange topics like, multiplayer, dragons, horses, etc. He is lying about EVERYTHING. Nothing he says is true. It's a really funny treat for the seasoned adventurer.