E3 06: Gangs of London hands-on

A 60-mission single-player campaign will find you taking on the roles of five different gangs over the course of its storyline, and bonuses like a picture-snapping tourist mode and pub games like darts and billiards should give GoL added longevity.

When you get into multiplayer, added options are promised, like the conquer-one-hood-at-a-time Gang Battle - which sounds cool, though we're skeptical about the fact that it's pass-the-PSP only, with no Wi-Fi support. We do know we dig the idea of game sharing (multiplay that requires only one person to have the game), though we'll have to wait to learn more about it. We hope there's something to it; we like the idea of shooting it out with the members of our own PSP-owning gang.

May 12, 2006