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Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn Unlockables

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    Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn Trophies

    Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn Trophy List

    Ultimate Gundam Dynasty Warrior (Platinum): Unlock all DYNASTY WARRIORS: GUNDAM Reborn Trophies.

    Master Ace (Bronze): Destroy over 10,000 enemy units.

    Legendary Master Ace (Silver): Destroy over 100,000 enemy units.

    Cross of Zeon (Bronze): Play 100 times total.

    Nebula Medal (Silver): Play 200 times total.

    Last Shooting (Bronze): Clear "Mobile Suit Gundam" storyline in Official Mode.

    Love is the Pulse of the Stars (Bronze): Clear "Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta" storyline in Official Mode.

    Nu Gundam Isn't Just For Show! (Bronze): Clear "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack" storyline in Official Mode.

    Here you go, Banagher! (Bronze): Clear "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" storyline in Official Mode.

    Neverending Tomorrow (Bronze): Clear "Mobile Suit Gundam Seed" storyline in Official Mode.

    Final Power (Bronze): Clear "Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny" storyline in Official Mode.

    Official Master (Silver): Clear all Official Mode storylines.

    Training Over (Bronze): Clear the operation "Master the Simulator!"

    Rookie Pilot (Bronze): Clear Ultimate Mode 5 times.

    Almost-an-ace Pilot (Bronze): Clear Ultimate Mode 10 times.

    Ace Pilot (Silver): Clear Ultimate Mode 20 times.

    True Gundam Dynasty Warrior (Gold): Clear the operation "DYNASTY WARRIORS: GUNDAM Reborn"

    First Research (Bronze): Begin upgrading and combining in the Mobile Suit Lab.

    Research Master (Silver): Reach 1,000 upgrades and/or combinations.

    All Pilots (Gold): Unlock and use all playable characters.

    All Partners (Gold): Unlock and use all selectable partners.

    All Mobile Suits (Gold): Unlock and use all playable Mobile Suits.

    Character Fan (Bronze): Unlock half of the Character Gallery.

    Character Collector (Silver): Unlock the entire Character Gallery.

    Mobile Suit / Battleship Fan (Bronze): Unlock half of the Mobile Suit / Battleship Gallery.

    Mobile Suit / Battleship Collector (Silver): Unlock the entire Mobile Suit / Battleship Gallery.

    Card Fan (Bronze): Collect 10% of cards.

    Card Pride (Bronze): Collect 25% of cards.

    Rookie Card Collector (Bronze): Collect 40% of cards.

    Card Collector (Bronze): Collect 60% of cards.

    Top Card Collector (Silver): Collect 80% of cards.

    True Card Collector (Gold): Collect 100% of cards.