Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends Cheats

Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by julian davis

    Special Item Power Scroll

    To get this item you must play Zhuge Liang's legend mode on easy or higher. You have to defeat Yue Ying in the order you see her and the other three generals that are there. First fight Yue Ying and the head left to fight her again. Then go up and then right to kill the general. Then go left more to encounter her again. Go north and fight her again. Kill the next general. Kill the next general and Yue Ying in the order they appear. The item will appear at the end of the path.
    Dragon Class Bodyguards
    Make your body guards have BOW until level 7 then make your body guards have PIKE until level 13. Then make your body guards have SWORD until level 20. Don't give up!!
    Lu Bu's Level 10 Weapon and His Horse, Red Hare
    Lu Bu's level 10 weapon=To get Lu Bu's level 10 weapon, do his level on hard and kill 800 enemies. His weapon must be on level 9 before you can get his level 10 weapon, The Sky Scorcher.
    RED HARE= To get Red Hare do Gaun Yu's level and instead of staying in the castle go out. Eventually Yue Jin will come, defeat him and a message shall come up saying "A valuable item has appeared". Go to where it indicated, break open the box, get the item ,go back to the carriage, and beat the level. It's a good idea to keep bodyguards with the carriage while you're out, just in case.
    Macha's Level 10 & 11 Weapon
    Alright if you want to get Macha's 10th weapon all you have to do is take out about 330 enemy's on the hard level and defeat more enemy's than than the other generals. Also and for the 11th one you have to beat about 530 enemy's on expert you will also get a S rank when you do this to! But it is extremely difficult keep in mind or find out for yourself.

Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by john casper

    How to Get Fire Arrows (Legend Mode)

    To get fire arrows you must choose Huang Zhong in legend mode. At the beginning of the stage a message will appear telling you to shoot Guan Yu of his horse. Don't shoot him and don't kill any enemy officer. Wei Yan will revolt. When he does, immediately kill him. More enemy officers will enter the place where your force officer is. Keep killing them until a message appears telling you that a valuable item appeared. Get that item then finish the stage normally.
    Beat the Sun Jian Imperial Seal
    Break 98 boxes then a soldier will report they have found a item go there break the 99 box and you will get the imperial seal
    Power Rune
    When you first start the game go under legends mode and choose Zhunge Liang, The Wizard with the white fans, and do his legend level. Just Before you kill Yue Ying for the final time, there will be a message saying that there is a valuable item on the radar go to the box, break it open and you will have the power rune, but you have to complete the level. The power rune increases your strength but decreases you defense.
    In Game Reset
    Prees start+select during game.
    How to Play as other characters in Legend Mode
    First pick a scenario you would like to do. After you have done this you have to play as the character you picked the scenario for but if you beat it once you can use any character for that scenario.
    For example: You pick Lu Bu you have to be
    Lu Bu but if you beat it with him you could play as Zhou yu or any one else of your choice.
    Zhou Tai's level 10 weapon
    Start Zhou Tai's legend level on hard. You must have his level 9 weapon already. Rush strait to Sun Quan. Ignore his bodyguards' calls for help. Defeat the gate guards and enter the castle. The two generals will leave temporally. Once you talk to Sun Quan you will get his level 10 weapon the "Dusk". You will get ambushed by the two generals as you are leaving the level. Capture all the gates and kill the two generals. Eliminate the troops that remain. It is best to stay with Sun Quan or he will die.