DVDs on sale Monday 6 November

Remember, it pays to shop around, so why not use a price-comparison site like www.kelkoo.co.uk to find the best deal you can?

A For Andromeda (RRP £14.99): the BBC Three remake of a classic ‘60s serial, in which a group of scientists use instructions from a signal from space to build an alien computer...
Amazing Stories, season one (£27.99): the Steven Spielberg anthology series from the eighties.
Doctor Who - The Invasion (£19.99): Patrick Troughton battles the Cybermen in this eight-parter. Two episodes are missing from the BBC archive, but have been plugged with animation by Cosgrove Hall and recordings of the original soundtrack.
Dominion Tank Police acts one and two/acts three and four (£5.99 each): 1988 anime from the writer of Ghost in the Shell, set in a hideously polluted, crime-ridden future.
The Humanoid (£5.99): 1986 anime in which a pretty android called Antoinette learns what love is. Aw. ‘Scuse us while we hurl.
James Bond - The Ultimate Collection, volumes one to four (£39.99 each): Four box sets, each containing a rather random selection of five Bond movies.
LA Blue Girl Returns, volumes one and two (£5.99 each): notorious anime about Miko, a sex ninja sworn to protect Earth against the sex demons of the underworld. Good heavens.
The Little Mermaid (£21.99): The Disney animation. Also available as a double-pack with the straight-to-video Little Mermaid 2 (£29.99).
MD Geist (£5.99): anime about a genetically modified super-soldier.
Project A-KO, volumes one, two and three (£5.99 each): anime in which a superpowered sailor-suited schoolgirl is dragged into king-sized battles with giant robots and so on. Ain’t it always the way?
The Quay Brothers - The Short Films 1979-2003 (£19.99): an anthology of arty stop-motion from the directors of The Cabinet of Jan Svankmeyer and The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes.
Tom Baker’s Ultimate Sci-Fi TV Quiz (£19.99): Quiz DVD with the questions posed by Tom Baker.
The Ultimate Sci-Fi TV Quiz (£9.99): Another quiz DVD, which “contains 500 challenging questions”! Is that meant to be impressive?
The War of the Worlds Live (£19.99/£24.99): A theatrical staging of the Jeff Wayne musical.

Plus! A few more volumes of ongoing anime serials: Gantz, volume seven; Gungrave, volume seven; and Requiem from the Darkness, volume two.